April 2021


Wonderful Women Who Are World-Changers

Influential women from various industries who go before us teach us that a world without women is a world that


The People Before Columbus: America’s First Civilization

Years before any work was made to invent the first gas-powered automobile, people already developed a sense of unity and


Get To Know The Most Powerful Empires In History

All empires rise and fall, which makes us all believe that, indeed, nothing lasts forever in this world. Have you


The Most Influential Philosophers and Their Principles

The word “philosophy” is taken from the Greek word “philosophia,” meaning “love of wisdom.” Ancient Greek philosophers have laid the


The Minds That Shaped The Way We See The World Today: History’s Greatest Scientists

At one point in time, everything around us — what we could touch, hear, smell, and see — was unknown.

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Hollywood Secrets – A Brief History of the Film Industry

Hollywood is in the business of weaving dreams and turning our wildest imaginations into reality. Well, onscreen at the very

History of Travelling

The History of Travelling – How Did the Ancients Explore the World

It may seem that traveling only started after the invention of cars and airplanes, but this is most certainly not

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Get To Know More About The History Of Western Medicine

Western medicine is credited to the ancient Greeks, specifically Hippocrates, who is dubbed the father of Western medicine. Hippocrates and

Greatest Figures

From Abraham Lincoln To Gandhi: Some Of History’s Greatest Figures

Although it took some time before any form of investments were made in the first cities, many people already worked in

Royal Family

What Does It Mean To Be Royalty? Facts About The British Royal Family

At this point, we have been introduced to many of the world’s high-profile figures. Although they have undoubtedly made a

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Eleven Inventions And Innovations That Changed The Course Of History

We often wonder what would happen if we could go back in time and change things. Will the world be

History Processe

The History of Processed Foods from the 1910s to the 1950s

These days, processed foods have become a part of most people’s diets. We don’t even notice just how prevalent they are

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Adventure Awaits: History’s Greatest Explorers

Despite the apparent differences in technology used today and throughout history, there’s still one thing we share with people from

Space Exploration

A Short Overview on Mankind’s Pursuit of Space Exploration

Since the dawn of time, our species have always wondered and looked up to the night sky dreaming about space. As

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Ten Crazy Facts That Will Make You Re-examine Your Understanding Of History

We remember many things that are actually either narrowly adjacent to the fact or blatantly inaccurate. The Mandela Effect is

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A History of Ancient Civilizations: The World’s Oldest Known Cultures

The history of civilizations is a long and, certainly, colorful one. There is plenty to learn and discover, not just

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Ten Amazing Facts About History That Will Get You Hooked

It’s trivia time! Learning a new piece of knowledge daily keeps the brain active, and to a certain degree, it

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A Brief Look At The World’s Economic History

At this point, we are already aware of the concept of equal exchange, giving something that’s just as valuable as


A Brief Overview on The History of Transportation

Before mankind developed various forms of transportation, our ancestors used to travel on foot. One can only imagine how many

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10 Interesting History Facts That Our Schools Didn’t Teach

If you’ve paid attention in history class, you will find that the historical facts they taught us were fascinating. However,