All eyes and cameras always point towards our favorite celebrities. However, this time we’re shifting the lenses to their children. Let’s take a look at what these celebrity kids are up to at the moment. We’ll be letting you in on who would most likely follow in their parents’ footsteps. On the flip side, we’ll also tell you who has trekked on completely different land. Ultimately, you’ll get to know where their investments are currently on – you might be surprised!

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Being children of distinguished names in the industry, we can definitely expect great things from these kids. One way or another, the list would probably surprise you. Like Jaden Smith and the Hadid sisters, some of them have already made a name for themselves. They have already carved their names out in Hollywood history. Their parents have already indulged in the limelight. It’s time to look at the young men and women ready to take their place in the spotlight.

Romeo Beckham | David & Victoria Beckham’s Son

There’s no doubt that the Beckham family is full of attractive faces, and slowly but surely, each family member is entering the spotlight. David Beckham is a former English professional football player. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham was best known as an English singer. Interestingly, it seems that their children aren’t following in either of their footsteps – or at least not yet.

Right now, another Beckham is ready to take on the stage. Recently, Romeo Beckham landed his first fashion magazine cover shoot for L’Uomo Vogue. Obviously, all investments made for the shoot did not go to waste! If you saw the pictures from the shoot, I think you’d agree that it’s like he was born for the cameras! Even if he’s taking on a different path, David and Victoria seems to be very proud of their son and have already expressed their support.

Patrick Schwarzenegger | Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver’s Son

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of two prominent names. His father is Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most talented personalities in the industry. He is an actor, but he is also a producer and the most recent Republican governor of California, among many other things. On the other hand, his mother is Maria Shriver, a brilliant woman, is an American journalist and author.

With incredible parents like that, it’s no wonder that Patrick also managed to make a name for himself. Right now, he is an actor and model. Patrick has been in films such as Echo Boomers, and Daniel Isn’t Real. Ever since his role in the 2012 film Stuck in Love, where he had the credit of playing the character of Glen, there has been no lack of content from the star. He has been in at least one film every year! Currently, he’s involved in the production of Warning. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this one!

Nicole Richie | Lionel Richie’s Daughter

Have you seen A Simple Life? If you have, then you probably know about Nicole Richie. She started her career in 1996, and the star is still active today. She is primarily known as an American television personality, actress, writer, singer, and fashion designer. However, some may not know that she is also the adoptive daughter of the amazing Lionel Richie, a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, among many other things.

Despite not being biologically related, Nicole has also proven to be unique, just like her father. Like Lionel, Nicole has ventured into different parts of the industry and has proven her success in acting and the other endeavors she has tried. Let’s give Lionel somecredit for raising such a talented individual as Nicole. It seems like it takes a star to raise a star, and Lionel Richie did a pretty good job!

Marcus Jordan | Michael Jordan’s Son

Who doesn’t know Michael Jordan? Even if you’re not a big basketball fan, you have probably heard the name. However, the star is already retired and is currently a thriving businessman. Right now, the basketball legend has five children.

His second-oldest son, Marcus Jordan, followed in his footsteps. With a basketball legend as a dad, Marcus, of course, also tried the sport and proved to be exceptional in it. However, he didn’t pursue it as a professional career. He opted to be a businessman. In 2016, he opened Trophy Room, a new, unique, Jordan-inspired sneakers boutique. Initially, it was in Disneyland Orlando. However, the shop became strictly online in 2019. Despite the changes, Marcus remains the company’s CEO. He might not have continued his basketball career, but I think we can all agree that his chosen career, to some degree, still displays some love for the sport.

Malcolm Washington | Denzel & Pauletta Washington’s Son

You know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. That’s what Malcolm Washington showed us. Malcolm is one of Denzel and Pauletta Washington’s children. Denzel was named the greatest actor of the twenty-first century in 2020 by The New York Times. On the flipside, Pauletta, with her incredible talent, has been involved in a myriad of projects. Despite his parents’ greatness, Malcolm did not get left behind.

In 2016, he released the short film Benny Got Shot, a project he wrote and directed. The film was in both the Palm Screen Short Films and the Los Angeles Short Film Showcase. In the same year, Malcolm became the recipient of the Filmmaker to Watch Award by the Atlanta Film festival. Currently, he has a net worth of 2 million dollars, add that to his father’s 220 million net worth, and it looks like the family won’t be worrying about cash loans for a long time!

Louie Gibson | Mel Gibson’s Son

Mel Gibson is certainly one of the biggest names in the industry. He is a heavily decorated American actor, but he has also worked his magic behind the camera. Mel is also a film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Talent seems to run in the family. His son, Louie Gibson, is slowly making a name for himself in the field. In 2017, he released Happy Hunting, a movie that credits him for editing, production, writing, and direction. Talk about talent! Louie has gotten involved in several films, but unlike his father, it seems he prefers to be behind the camera than acting in front of it. Right now, he’s currently involved with two films, Manifest West and Grow. Those who saw his first few films would probably be anticipating the release of his new projects. Better get ready; the younger Gibson might just totally wow you!

Lorraine Nicholson | Jack Nicholson’s Daughter

Have you seen the hit film Soul Surfer? If you have, then you probably know Alana Blanchard! The credit for the role goes to none other than Lorraine Nicholson. She is one of Jack Nicholson’s six children. Before she landed her role in Soul Surfer, she first appeared on screen in her father’s movie Something’s Gotta Give, where she played an extra. Later on, she provided the voice for the character of Katie in the animated film Fly Me to the Moon.

Aside from acting, the star has also tried directing and writing. She wrote, produced, and directed a 15-minute long coming-of-age drama film entitled The Instant Message. Later on, she directed and wrote another short film entitled This Magic Moment. In 2017, Nicholson released a third short film, Life Boat, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Talent’s in this family’s genes!

Lola Consuelos | Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos’s Daughter

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been together since they eloped in 1996. The couple who met on the TV series All My Children has three grown-up children after 25 loving years together. Ripa and Consuelos are still both active in the industry. Ripa became a household name due to her long-running talk show Live! With Kelly and Ryan while Consuelos is gaining popularity as Hiram Lodge in Riverdale and its spin-off Katy Keene. Lately, their children have been slowly creeping into the industry. Their firstborn, Michael, portrayed the young Hiram Lodge in an episode in Riverdale, and now, Lola Grace is also gaining attention.

Lola Grace is the secondborn of Ripa and Consuelo. Born in 2001, Lola is now studying at New York University and pursuing her degree in music. Like her brother, Lola was sent to school far from their home as a sort of training. The couple wanted to teach their children independence, starting with college. As such, Ripa praised her daughter’s confidence and individuality and considered it a sign of her growth.

Liv Tyler | Steven Tyler’s Daughter

Liv Tyler and her father, Steven Tyler, have a made-for-movie story of reunion. Initially, Liv’s mother hid her from Steven due to his wild lifestyle and infamous antics. However, Liv ultimately found out the truth about her identity and found a way to reunite with her biological father. Now, the two have established a close relationship and are dear to one another.

Liv Tyler started as a model appearing in several music videos and promotional materials. Tyler pursued a career in acting upon starring in her first film Stealing Beauty in 1996, followed by That Thing You Do in the same year. However, Liv’s breakthrough performance came in the 1998 movie, Armageddon where her father’s band, Aerosmith, sang the soundtrack I don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Liv married Royston Langdon, a musician, in 2003 but acquired attorney’s services when they separated in 2008. In 2014, Liv met her current partner, David Gardner, an entertainment manager based in London. Liv relocated to London in 2016 after the birth of her daughter with Gardner but splits her time traveling back and forth to Los Angeles due to work commitments.

Kyle Eastwood | Clint Eastwood’s Son


The veteran actor Clint Eastwood is known for his incredible acting and directorial skills and has produced about a hundred films throughout his career in Hollywood. On the flip side, Clint is also famous for his controversial relationships that made him a father of eight. One of which is his first son, Kyle Eastwood, from his marriage with Margaret Neville Johnson.

Kyle and his father had a close relationship despite their unique family setup. It was Clint who introduced him to music and was the one who taught him how to play the piano. Besides music, Kyle has also acted next to his father in the 1982 film, Honkytonk Man, giving him a heads up in the race. However, his love for music persists. Initially, he pursued a degree in the film industry but dropped out due to a music career opportunity. Now, Kyle is a renowned jazz musician and has released several albums with his own composition. Kyle is currently married to Cynthia Ramirez and has a daughter from his first marriage.

Kristopher Van Varenberg | Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Son

Kristopher Van Varenberg or known as Kris Van Damme is the firstborn son of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kris was born in 1987 in Los Angeles to Gladys Portugues. Given the influence and popularity of his father, Kris followed Van Damme’s footsteps and became an action star, too.

Since he was five, Kris has been acting alongside his father. He has starred in several action films, such as Welcome to the Jungle in 2013 and Black Water in 2018. Kris also co-wrote the movies The Tower and Eagle Path. As he pursued a career in filmmaking, he established his own production company called Rodin Entertainment. It is unknown whether he applied for a business loan or Van Damme invested in his business, but one thing is for sure, Kris has the support of his parents. Kris has been private about his affairs. His last known relationship was with Ilaria Zamprioli, whom he met while filming The Eagle Path in 2010.

Koraun Mayweather | Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Son


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is from a family of boxers. Growing up, Floyd witnessed his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and uncle, Roger Mayweather, train and conquered several titles. As such, it influenced him to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in boxing. After winning multiple championships throughout his professional career as a boxer and earning an undefeated record and a fine credit score, Floyd announced his retirement in 2015. As many await who will continue their legacy, Floyd teased his fans by showing a picture of him and his son, Koraun, training in Mayweather Training Gym in Las Vegas.

Apparently, Koraun is on a different path. The 20-years-old Mayweather is pursuing a career in music as he has launched himself as a rapper and songwriter. He owns the Youtube channel King Koraun where he uploads his music. Still, Floyd continues to bring his son to the training gym to bond.

Knox Jolie-Pitt | Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Son

It has been years since the Jolie-Pitt clan started reigning over Hollywood. From their controversial union to growing their family, everything seems high profile that it felt like it just happened yesterday. Not until we realized that the youngest of their kids, Knox and Viviene, are already 12 and have grown a lot like them, especially Knox, who has an uncanny resemblance to his father.

Born in 2008 in Nice, France, Knox Leon Pitt is the twin brother of Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt. Like his other siblings, Knox is living a normal life away from the media. Even before online classes became normal, Knox and his siblings already got homeschooled as Angelina wanted her children to have a holistic approach to learning. That means the Hollywood offsprings also get to do chores at home. Knox and his twin sister, Viviene, also join their older siblings in participating in charity causes.

Kendall Jenner | Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner’s Daughter

Kendall Jenner might have gained popularity due to her family name, but she proved to everyone that she is more than capable of striking out on her own.

Kendall Jenner is the second youngest among the Kardashian-Jenner clan, born to Kris and Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

Jenner, the 23-years-old supermodel, started reaching her career goals at the age of 13. Since her name gave her an edge, it was undeniable that Kendall could make it big in the industry from the get-go — and she did. Among her outstanding achievements is stepping into Victoria’s Secret catwalk. As expected, this launched Kendall as one of the it-girls of the modeling and fashion industry. Her influence among the youth and fashion trends gave her the upper hand to establish successful business investments with her younger sister Kylie. Now, both their careers are shaping up to become one of the biggest Hollywood has ever seen.

Kathryn Eastwood | Clint Eastwood’s Daughter

Kathryn Eastwood is an actress and screenwriter hailing from the Eastwood clan. Kathryn debuted in the film Jersey Boys in 2004. She also starred in several thriller movies such as American Virus and Vitus of the Dead in 2018. Kathryn is the sister of actor Scott Eastwood who starred in films such as Pacific Rim: Uprising, The outpost, and Flags of Our Father. Like the rest of her siblings, Kathryn also joined the industry but preferred to live a modest life and away from the spotlight.

Kathryn Eastwood is the daughter of Clint Eastwood to Jacelyn Reeves. Kathryn and her brother have a pretty tough life growing up. Initially, Clint did not acknowledge them as his own. Ultimately, they moved to a foreign land where they started a new life but struggles to make ends meet. Eventually, however, they proved that they were Clint’s children. However, Clint did not spoil them and just gave them a boost to help them establish their finances. For this, they credit their father for teaching the value of hard work.

Kate Hudson | Goldie Hawn’s Daughter


As the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, Kate Hudson has established her own name as an actress despite her association with celebrity parents. She started her film career in 1998 when she starred in Desert Blue but gained popularity in the film Almost Famous, where she won her first Golden Globe Awards. Since then, Kate has starred in several box-office films such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, and Bride Wars.

Behind her fame as an actress, Kate also has her share of lows in life. An example of this would be her first marriage with Chris Robinson. The couple wed in 2000 and separated in 2006. After which, Kate has not married again. She once got engaged with Matt Bellamy in 2010 and had a son, Bingham, in 2011 before canceling their engagement in 2014. Currently, Kate is in a relationship with Danny Fujikawa, the father of her daughter, Rani. As far as her career goes, Kate is winning. Her recent business investments are doing well that it launched its online store to gain more reach.

Kaia Jordan Gerber | Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber’s Daughter

Kaia Gerber is just 19 years old, but she already has skyrocketed her career as a model. Kaia Jordan Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Like her mom, Kaia pursued a career in modeling. At the age of 11, Kaia started modeling and pursued a higher career route when she reached 16. Due to her schedule, she opted to do an online class at Malibu High School.

In 2018, Kaia walked for almost all of the brands during Spring Fashion Week alongside her mom. Just like her dad, Kaia has a knack for business too. She collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld and released her first collection called KarlxKaia. She also invested in a fashion magazine in 2020. In terms of her personal life, Kaia is currently dating the actor Jacob Elordi. The two were first spotted together in New York in September 2020.

Jordan McGraw |  Dr. Phil’s Son

Dr. Phil must be so proud so of his youngest son, Jordan McGraw, for his accomplishments in life. Jordan McGraw pursued a career in music as he led the band Stars in Stereo in 2011. After releasing several tracks, Jordan formed another band called Hundred Handed in 2015. He also performed and opened for several artists, such as the Jonas Brothers and Sarah Hyland.

In December 2020, Jordan married Morgan Stewart after years of dating. The couple now resides in their $10 million Beverly Hills home that Jordan bought in 2020 in cash and free of mortgage. The couple had another milestone together when they welcomed their daughter in February 2021. Although it means that there will be less time playing golf or hanging out with bandmates, Jordan is pretty excited about his new role that we are sure he will be good at.

John David Washington | Denzel Washington’s Son

John David Washington is Denzel Washington’s firstborn, and it seems like he is following the lead of his old man as he switched his career into acting. John David started playing football during his high school days and even while pursuing his college degree. After college, Jordan played professional football from 2006 to 2012.

However, his calling for acting was stronger than his desire to be a professional athlete. John David’s genuine acting skills are undeniable that he received praises and awards nominations for his performance in the film, BlacKKlansman. It later led to starring in the movie Tenet directed by the one and only, Christopher Nolan. John Clearly, John David made an excellent decision to change his career as he is now rising to the top. For this year, 2021, John David has released two movies, Malcolm & Marie with, Zendaya and his co-star and Beckett. 

Joely Fisher | Connie Stevens’ Daughter

Joely fisher grew up watching her mother perform on stage. As she knows who her relatives are and what they do, it became evident that Joely will also land her feet in the acting career.

Joely Fisher is the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens. Like her parents, Joely found her calling on the stage and became an actress. Her career started in 1987 when she joined the cast of the 1987 film Pretty Smart. Joely later starred next to Ellen Degeneres in the sitcom Ellen in 1994. It then led to Joely bagging credits for the role of Dr. Brenda Bradford in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget. Joely is well-adopted to their blended family and has a good relationship with her half-siblings. As such, when Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passed away, she was broken-hearted and mourned for them. In 1996 Joely got married to Christopher Duddy, and together they have three daughters.

Jessica Rae Springsteen | Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter

In Hollywood, it is common that children follow in the footsteps of their parents. For Bruce Springsteen, this was not the case, as his daughter, Jessica Rae, decide to trek down a different path.

Born on December 30, 1991, Jessica Rae Springsteen is the second child of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. Jessica and the rest of the family grew up far from the spotlight as their father relocated them to a horse farm in New Jersey. From there, Jessica grew fond of horses which started her interest in horse riding. Since she was four years old, Jessica has been riding horses, leading to her equestrian career. She has joined several competitions, won several awards and medals, and represented the United States in international competitions. Credits are due to Bruce and Patti, as their support is the key to Jessica’s success.

Jeffrey Michael Jordan | Michael Jordan’s Son

When you are the son of a legendary basketball player, the pressure to continue the legacy can be pretty overwhelming. However, that was not the case for Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan’s firstborn son.

Jeffrey Michael played high school basketball and was among the most anticipated players. Later on, he got recruited in college basketball at the University of Illinois with a full scholarship grant. However, Jeffrey left the University of Illinois and transferred to the University of Central Florida. He subsequently went back to playing for one season and decided to quit basketball and focus on his studies and prepare for life after college. Following his internship at Nike during the summer of 2009, Jeffrey returned and signed up for the management-training program. Jeffrey is now the head of the digital marketing program of the Jordan Brand. Likewise, he established a business consulting firm called Jordan Avakian Group, where they provide investment planning services for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jay McGraw | Dr. Phil McGraw’s Son

Jay McGraw is a very successful man, much like his father, Dr. Phil. Both of them have received many accolades, recognition, and credits throughout their profession and career. If you’re not already aware, Dr. Phil gained widespread recognition for being the host of his self-titled talk show, where he deals with troubled individuals and families. On the other hand, Jay is an American writer and television producer.

As a writer, Jay has managed to publish several best-selling books. Besides that, he is also the president and CEO of Stage 29 Productions. It doesn’t stop there, though. He is also the executive producer of his father’s show. He started becoming very responsible at an early age, and we guess watching his father on TV handle things influenced him to be mature and clever. His dad is one of the largest professional names in the world, and so is he.

Jasmine M. Jordan | Michael Jordan’s Daughter

Jasmine M. Jordan has grown to be a lovely lady, and her legendary dad, Michael Jordan, can definitely take the credit. Jasmine confessed that she learns more about her dad by the day, and she still some unexplored stories about her father. She also added, with a big smile, in one of her interviews that she’s been frequently texting her father, Michael Jordan, while learning more about him in ESPN.

Believe it or not, Jasmine looks up her own dad in Google. In her eyes, he is a superstar, and so is she. Jasmine is a superstar in most of her activities, like dancing and athletics. At a young age, she already accumulated millions of dollars, most of which comes from designing sneakers. She is one of the brilliant minds behind the Jordans by Nike collection of wonderful and luxurious shoes.

Jane Erin Carrey | Jim Carrey’s Daughter

To many, Jim Carrey may be the best comedian Hollywood has ever seen, but to Jane Erin Carrey, he is a caring and loving father. While we believe that Jane is incredibly proud of her father, we also think it comes with a certain degree of pressure.

However, despite having a prominent dad in the industry, Jane was determined to carve out her own name. In fact, the celebrity off-spring even joined American Idol but sadly got cut from the competition. Her dad is still a big fan of her music, though. However, what’s more, inspiring about Jane is that she actually works a real job outside of her music career. Believe it or not, but Jim’s only daughter has worked as a waitress to support herself while she pursues her music. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Jamison Bess Belushi | Jim Belushi’s Daughter

Jamison Bess Belushi is the gorgeous daughter of Jim Belushi. Thanks to their teamwork and chemistry, they have been dubbed as one of the most iconic and inspirational father-daughter duos in Hollywood.

The 21-year-old is a singer-songwriter and a film actress. As an actress, Jamison has earned acting credits in films like According to Jim and The Last Summer way back in 2019. She has also appeared in the 2010 film, The Talk. Outside of acting and Hollywood, Jamison busies herself with spending time with her family. In fact, the young actress has shared that she is fond of going to basketball games with her father. Now, isn’t that adorable? Given that her father is an accomplished actor, we’re fairly certain that Jamison’s career will follow suit. After all, she’s still in the early stages of her career. Jamison still has all the time in the world to work and hone her craft.

Jake Hoffman | Dustin Hoffman’s Son

Like father, like son, that is precisely the case with Dustin and Jake Hoffman. Besides being skilled actors, both Dustin and his son Jake have a knack for business and investments. In fact, Jake manages most of his father’s businesses. Some of them might not have gone as planned, but others remain standing strong.

The 40-year-old actor, writer, and director has taken up and finished school at the NYU Film School. As a New Yorker, everyone expected Jake to be free-spirited and wild, but that’s not exactly the case. According to one of his dad’s friends, he is one of the most formal and quiet guys they’ve ever known. He is not a buzz kill at all because he seems to be having a lot of fun with his friends, but he is just the type to stay serious even when the crown goes out of control.

Jaden Smith | Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Son

As we all know, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are famous for more than just acting. Over the years, the two also became known for their parenting skills and how they raised two of today’s most sought-after stars — Willow and Jaden Smith. Judging from how Jaden’s career is going, we can say that his parents’ investment in him paid off nicely.

Jaden is one of the most popular celebrity kids, and for a good reason. He is an actor, rapper, singer, and songwriter. As an actor, Jaden famously gained attention for starring alongside his father in the heartwarming and commercially successful film, The Pursuit of Happyness. Later on, the father-and-son duo teamed up again for the sci-fi flick, After Earth.  Will mentioned that he did these films with both joy and professionalism. Nowadays, however, the young Smith is gaining more credit for his music than his acting.

Jacqueline Dena Guber | Barbara Walters’s Daughter

If Jacqueline Dena Guber’s name doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe her mother’s name would. If you’re wondering, this investment-savvy entrepreneur is the adopted daughter of the legendary American broadcaster, Barbara Walters.

Despite not being biologically related, Barbara raised and loved her like she was her own. Jacqueline had experienced enough trials and challenges in life, some of which were very daunting to her and her family. As a family, Barbara and Jacqueline went through several ups and downs, including Jacqueline’s recovery. Fortunately for Jacqueline, she had her mother to support her until she had her feet back on the ground. Nowadays, the entrepreneur busies herself with several ventures and businesses. She’s also been married before but does not have any children of her own. Now that her mother is retired, we’re sure Jacqueline splits her time between work and tending to her mom’s needs.

Jack Scott Ramsay | Gordon Ramsay’s Son

We all know Gordon Ramsay, but did you know about his son Jack Scott? Gordon and Jack look so much alike that when Jack appeared in one of his dad’s shows, people can’t help but joke about their uncanny resemblance. Gordon is one of the biggest names in both the entertainment and the culinary world, and Jack, at 21 years old, doesn’t seem to be too far off from becoming a legend himself.

Starting from the age of 13, he already knows how to make good investments which is no shock since his father speaks nothing but entrepreneurship. Although he did not necessarily follow his dad’s culinary route, Jack hit the jackpot with his photography career. It seems like it was only yesterday when Jack was a kid, and now he’s all grown up to be a handsome young man.

Jack Paris Brinkley Cook | Christie Brinkley’s Son

As the son of the stunning actress Christie Brinkley, it’s not surprising that Jack Paris Brinkley Cook also grew up to be a handsome young man. Right now, the 25-year-old celebrity kid is slowly making his own name in the fashion industry as a model. Even his mom Christie confessed that she already guessed that her son would be perfectly fitted for runways and photo shoots ever since he was eight.

People also told her that it would be a waste for Jack Paris not to enter the modeling world, but Christie never pressured her son to do so. Instead, she waited until Jack made that decision himself. We don’t know about you, but we definitely think that it was very commendable of Christie. You don’t get to hear that every day. Several parents would have taken the chance, and for that, she deserves credit.

Jack Oscar Statham | Jason Statham’s Son

Jack Oscar Statham is the 3-year-old son of Hollywood giants Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. His parents constantly bring him to the park, the beach, or just to take long walks down the streets of Los Angeles.

Age is just a number for Jason and Rosie. Ever since they started dating, they knew they found the one for each other, but there are certain things they don’t stand for. The couple doesn’t really believe in marriage and has preferred to live as partners. However, their love remains strong. The sweet baby boy is the couple’s only son, but we hope to see more of their kids soon. Both tars revealed how proud they are to have their son. With parents as successful and wealthy as his, we’re pretty sure that Jack already has all the proper insurance set up for him.

Isabella Rose Giannulli | Lori Loughlin’s Daughter

We all know Lori Loughlin for her iconic role in the hit sitcom Full House. She has also earned a couple more notable credits throughout her career. Still, being a mom to her beautiful daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose Gianulli, is perhaps the most important role she had to step into.

Although the 22-year-old is part of a prominent Hollywood and fashion family, it did not exempt her and her sister from getting caught in controversy. In case you didn’t know, their family recently went through a legal battle, forcing their family to seek their lawyer’s help. However, we’re sure that after all of this is over, the girls, especially Isabella, can slowly go back to pursuing their dreams, whether it be in Hollywood or an entirely different field. We just hope, though, that they’ve learned their lesson from this whole ordeal.

Honey Hollman | Jack Nicholson’s Daughter

Honey Hollman is not your typical 40-year-old, thanks to her naturally youthful-looking genes. In addition to that, she also has a not so typical father, Hollywood superstar Jack Nicholson.  Her dad won almost all of the awards during his active years in the film business, making him one of the most respected actors in the entertainment business.

Honey is Danish since and was born in Denmark to Nicholson and his former girlfriend, a Danish supermodel Winnie Hollman. She is also taking on an entertainment career. She often appears with minor roles in TV series and some other shows, but that’s just only the beginning for Honey. With a successful dad like hers, we’re sure she has all the guidance and support she needs. Most importantly, however, Honey loves to spend her investment money on charities, and she has hosted a lot of charity events.

Holly Anna Ramsay | Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter

The 21-year-old social media star Holly Anna Ramsay is the daughter of the one and only Gordon Ramsay. Even though she is always the one who can challenge her dad among the siblings, she is also the one closest to him and often gives him credits and praises.

Holly leads a very interesting life. Did you know that she has received a nomination for kids BAFTAs? She is also very low-key despite being an heiress to her dad’s millions. She even flies economy, although she can surely afford a more comfortable seat. She also experienced working as a regular waitress in a diner, giving people even more reasons to love her. When she’s not busy with school or projects, Holly loves running marathons with her family, especially with her brother Jack. On the other hand, her social media is blooming and her followers keep growing by the week. We guess this isn’t a surprise since she is goofy in her pictures and people love goofy. She is currently studying in London and is very close to Brooklyn Beckham, which is no surprise.

Hannah Jane Shepard | Jessica Lange’s Daughter

Hannah Jane Shepard is the daughter of top Hollywood actress Jessica Lange. The 35-year-old previously studied at the prestigious Harvard University and was even admitted as a full-time scholar. Isn’t that impressive? It must have saved her parents a lot of investment money, considering that she went on a full scholarship.

At the age of 71, Jessica is still constantly seen having masked lunches with her daughter in the streets of New York. These precious moments between the two of them remind us so much of the time when Jessica would place Hannah on her lap while attending an awards show.  It’s so lovely to know that their bond didn’t end nor stop. They are just as close as they were when Hannah was just a kid. Her mom would constantly bring her on awards shows when she was little.

Hannah Gibson | Mel Gibson’s Daughter

Just in case you can’t tell from Hannah’s last name, she is the daughter of the legendary Mel Gibson. Mel is one of the most controversial actors of all time, not just because of his acting skills and extreme success but also because of his personal struggles. It may not sound like it, but he is a role model to his daughter when it comes to possessing strength, bravery, and resilience.

Like her father, Hannah also pursued a career in the entertainment industry. However, instead of breathing life into characters as an actress, Hanah chose to be a makeup artist. However, she did earn a few acting credits alongside her dad in films like Patriot (2000), What Women Want (2000), and Toisen Kanssa (2014). Outside of her work in Hollywood, Hannah is busy being a mom to her three children.

Hanako Williams | Teruko Nakagami & Billy Dee Williams’ Daughter

Not everyone who sees Hanako Williams would associate her with her famous father, Billy Dee Williams, best known for his role as Lando Calrissian from Star Wars since she doesn’t look like her father. Her father has been married three times already but only has two children. The first one was a son he had with Audrey Sellers and Hanako from his third wife, Teruko Nakagami. Fortunately, the siblings are fond of one another.

Hanako earned her degree in Visual Art/Art History from Brown University and is currently married with two children. Though she doesn’t look like her father, Hanako bears a resemblance to her grandmother on her dad’s side. Just like her father’s relationship with his sister, Hanako and Corey are close to one another. It seems that the Force is strong in the siblings, which goes to show that Billy Dee and his wife have raised their children well.

Gigi Hadid | Yolanda and Mohammed Hadid’s Daughter

With Yolanda Hadid being a veteran model, it’s not surprising to see that her daughters Bella and Gigi Hadid are also dominating the catwalk. However, apart from being a world-class supermodel, Gigi has also added “mom” to her résumé after giving birth to her daughter Khai with partner Zayn Malik.

After giving birth, many are wondering if this will spell the end of her modeling career. Gigi stated in a recent interview that she was in no rush to go back to her hectic schedule as she prefers to be a full-time mother. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t completely given up on her modeling while quarantining with her family since she still does modeling at home through her Instagram account. Gigi won’t have to worry too much about applying for personal loans for her and her new family with her growing net worth.


Francesca Eastwood |Frances & Clint Eastwood’s Daughter

The Unforgiven star, Clint Eastwood, has several children, with some following his footsteps in acting. One of those is his daughter Francesca Eastwood. Francesca has met some success as a TV personality and a model. She began acting while she was just two years old in the movie, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, where her mother, Frances Fisher, was the lead. She also appeared in her father’s film called True Crime when she was already six years old.

Francesca’s career went up after appearing in a documentary called Mrs. Eastwood & Company, where she starred alongside her step-mother, Dinah Eastwood, and her half-siblings. Among her other works are Jersey Boys, Wuthering High School, Girl Missing, and Heroes Reborn. To her credit, Francesca has been showing versatility in her acting, perhaps under the tutelage of her parents. It does pay to have celebrity parents, don’t you think?


Evan Ross | Diana Ross & Arne Naess Jr’s Son

Diana Ross and Arne Naess Jr.’s son, Evan, is all grown up and making a splash as an actor and as a musician these days. His first role was in the film ATL when he was just in high school. Evan later took on more roles in films like Pride, Gardens of the Night, Life Support, Life is Hot in Cracktown, Case 219, and 96 Minutes. He also landed a recurring role in the reboot of the hit drama 90210. It looks Evan is going places, just like his half-sister, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Aside from his acting career, Evan has also dabbled in music with his first single, Yes Me, finally released in 2011. He is currently married to Ashlee Simpson and has a daughter called Jagger Snow. Evan has also become a reality star with his show with his wife called Ashlee + Evan. Thanks to their wide range of projects, Evan would never have to worry about loans in his life.


Evan James Springsteen | Patti & Bruce Springsteen’s Son

Patti and Bruce Springsteen’s children have shown their love of music as their parents. Their eldest son, Evan James, who was born in 1990, showcased his musical prowess by joining his father on stage from time to time. His father often joked that none of his kids know the lyrics to his songs, probably because he married late and kept them mostly out of the limelight. Evans still shies away from all the publicity, but he makes rare appearances on the red carpet.

Currently, Evan is pursuing a career in music after getting his music degree from Boston College. While he was in school, he showed his penchant for music by winning the 2012 Singer/ Songwriter Competition during the Boston College’s Arts Festival. He has also played a part in the development of Sirius XM Radio as its festival producer and program director.

Eric Norris| Dianne & Chuck Norris’ Son

Eric Norris seems to love creating an action-packed career. He became a stock car racing driver and later a stuntman and ultimately won the NASCAR Winston West Series Championship in 2002. Eric started to race back in 1982 but stopped to pursue a degree at the Arizona State University. Afterward, he became a full-on race car driver at the Willow Springs Raceway and the Formula Ford Series. He had quite a career as a race car driver, but it is not the only job he had while growing up.

Eric has also been doing stunt performances both in TV and in film. He has worked alongside his father in films, such as Invasion U.S.A., The Delta Force, Avenging Force, and Invaders from Mars. Eric also took on minor roles such as in Universal Soldier, Rescue Me, and Sidekicks. He has also done stunts for Office Space, The Town, and National Treasure, just to name a few.

Eric Murphy | Paulette McNeely & Eddie Murphy’s Son

The first time that legendary comedian, Eddie Murphy, became a father was when his son, Eric Murphy, was born. With that said, it is not surprising that his little one would follow in his dad’s footsteps. Aside from being an actor, Eric is also a writer as well as a voice actor. It seems that he is in the process of creating an animated series called BLOCKWOOD with BRON studios. It will cast Martin Lawrence, known for his performance in the Bad Boys film franchise, as the lead.

For BLOCKWOOD, Eric will take on the task of being the writer and doing voiceover. Yes, he inherited his father’s skills in comedy, but he has his own style. To his credit, he does have his style of making people laugh. He takes pride in bringing his perspective to various projects, which only shows that he inherited his father’s creativity.

Ella Craig |Fiona & Daniel Craig’s Daughter

It’s not easy becoming a celebrity child, even more so if your parents ended up separating. However, Ella Craig, 007 star Daniel Craig, and Fiona Loudon’s daughter managed to navigate a broken family and is currently making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Just like her father, Ella made her debut on stage for the play Shakespeare & Company.

If you take a look at her resume, you will find quite a slew of movies that she appeared in, such as Memory’s Paradigm, Texas Road, Cold Blood, and more recently, Trauma is a Time Machine. Ella also makes art on the side and curates it on social media. She is indeed one talented young lady with her whole career ahead of her, and with her mom and dad’s support, there’s no doubt she’ll go far. It seems that Ella doesn’t have to worry about getting any personal loans either since she is making money for herself too.

Ella Bleu Travolta | Kelly & John Travolta’s Daughter

When your parents are Hollywood heavyweights like John Travolta and Kelly Preston, it’s only natural for one to follow suit. Such was the case with Ella Bleu Travolta. The young lady is just turning 21 this year, but she already has two films to her name: Old Dogs and The Poison Rose. It is unclear whether she will be sticking to acting, but we hope that she stays, especially after appearing with her dad in a TikTok commercial for Super Bowl.

Travolta’s daughter may be enjoying the limelight recently, but she had her own fair share of tragedies. However, Ella Bleu has shown incredible strength through it all, being the eldest of the siblings. To her parents’ credit, she has grown up to be quite a great person herself, and hopefully, she does appear in more films. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks |Samantha & Tom Hanks’ Daughter

Elizabeth Ann Hanks grew up surrounded by the glimmering lights of Hollywood thanks to her celebrity parents, Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks. Her father is not just one of Hollywood’s icons, but he is also a filmmaker too. It is not surprising that she would follow in her parents’ footsteps and appear in Forrest Gump.

She also appeared in her father’s directorial debut film, That Thing You Do!, along with her brother Colin and her step-mom, Rita Wilson. She took on the role of Paula in Anchorage, a film written and directed by Michael Lawson. Besides being an actress, Elizabeth also made a name for herself in the publishing industry after writing several editorials for The Huffington Post. To her credit, she will be quite in-demand real soon with her skills. Who knows, she might also follow Tom’s footsteps behind the camera and do some behind-the-scenes work in Hollywood.

Elijah Blue Allman |Cher & Greg Allman’s Daughter

Elijah Blue Allman is Cher’s second child with her second husband, Greg Allman. Out of Cher’s children, Elijah was the one who inherited his mother’s love for music and has since pursued it with a passion. He even became the lead singer as well as guitarist for the band Deadsy. Elijah and his father did not get along well due to the latter’s harmful vices. However, his relationship with his mom did not fare any better after he was sent to a boarding school when he was just eight years old.

Because of the lack of a father figure, Elijah bonded closely with the men that Cher dated. The mother and son tried to patch things up, but things quickly went south after Elijah eloped with Angie King. Even Elijah’s relationship with his half-brother, Chaz, became non-existent. He might need some investment planning if he wants to make his earnings double up though Cher may still have his back.

Dylan Michael Douglas |Catherine & Michael Douglas’ Son

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas rarely show their children to the paparazzi, but the ongoing global health crisis has made their mum give her fans a glimpse of Carys and Dylan in her IG. The two have certainly grown up and are looking every bit like their parents. Dylan is currently earning his degree at Brown University while his sister is at a boarding school. He is already in his junior year at Brown.

Dylan has shown some interest in acting, which his parents are encouraging. We’re sure that despite having the talent engraved in his genes, his parents also devoted some investments into honing and polishing his and his sibling’s skill in acting and other forms of art. Dylan’s first foray into acting was in the TV series Formula One: BBC Sport. Although his appearance was short, it was more than enough to gain him some much-needed exposure.

Dylan Frances Penn | Robin and Sean Penn’s Daughter

Dylan Penn, Robin Wright, and Sean Penn’s daughter is all grown up and is pursuing a career in modeling and acting simultaneously. You might think that being a celebrity child made things easy for Frances, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Before conquering the lavish and cut-throat world of modeling, Frances had to work several ordinary jobs to support herself. That was due to her parents’ cutting her financial assistance because she did not finish her degree.

Dylan has already appeared in several magazines, and her first breakthrough into film was in the horror movie, Condemned. She also starred in Elvis & Nixon, alongside Hollywood veteran Kevin Spacey. Her career as an actress might not be as extensive as her dad’s, but she’s definitely getting some hype in the modeling industry. We’re guessing that in a few years, Frances’ face will be all over the magazines.

Destry Allyn Spielberg | Kate & Steven Spielberg’s Daughter

Destry Allyn Spielberg is Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg’s youngest biological child. At 23, she is making a career out of modeling with DT Model Management. So far, Destry had already walked the runway for fashion house Dolce and Gabbana back in 2017. However, this is not the only career that she seems destined for. Since her parents are working in the entertainment industry, it is only fair to assume that their children will follow in their footsteps. Destry has also tried her hand in acting in films like Mass Hysteria and Rosie.

Destry Allyn has dropped her surname to her credit when she is acting in the hopes of making it big on her own. Her independent streak had appeared early when she became a competitive equestrian. Though she did try her best to stay away from Hollywood, it seems that the pull was too strong. She is also into philanthropy which runs in her family.

Daniel Neeson | Natasha & Liam Neeson’s Son

Many assumed that the son of the late Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson’s son, Daniel Neeson, will follow in his parents’ footsteps and become an actor. Well, it seems that he followed his older brother’s career path into fashion instead. The boys and their father lost Natasha in a skiing accident when they were in their early teens. Fortunately, their dad and their relatives stepped up to care for the young men until they were old enough to strike out on their own.

Daniel has earned his degree at Tulane University, where he studied theater, but his career portfolio showed that he had never used it professionally. What he did was use his knowledge in acting to present ideas specifically in sustainable clothing. Daniel admitted that he was glad that he didn’t pursue acting and thought that his mother would be proud of his career choice.

Dakota Johnson | Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson’s Daughter

Dakota Johnson has etched her name as one of the best actresses of her generation. She did not even have to use her parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s popularity, to get into the entertainment business. She has her own charisma on the big screen, thanks to her great acting chops and unique personality.

Johnson, who rose to fame for her portrayal of Anastasia Steel of Fifty Shades of Grey, had her debut in The Social Network movie. She entered the show business shortly after her parents cut off her financial freedom following her decision to stop pursuing a degree in college. Despite this, Johnson was able to thrive, earning an overall net worth of $14 million. Because of this, she managed to put up a business of her own, a production company called TeaTime Pictures, which she founded alongside Netflix executive Ro Donnelly.

Dakota Alan Norris | Chuck Norris and Gena O’Kelley’s Son

Dakota Alan Norris is one of Chuck Norris’ five children and his son with second wife, Gena O’Kelley. The 19-year-old Dakota is the fraternal twin brother of Danilee Kelly Norris. With the fame of his parents, Dakota can easily rely on them to enter Hollywood. However, the young celebrity son worked his way up to land a career in acting without relying on his parents.

Dakota was able to land a role for Yes Dear. Dakota could also pass as a model with his looks though there has not been any confirmation if he is interested in this field. After his debut, Dakota seemed to have gone off the radar as an actor. It might be due to him getting a degree of his own before venturing full-time as an actor. Whatever his goal, Norris and O’Kelley will surely support their son in every endeavor.

Corey Williams | Billy Dee Williams & Audrey Sellers’ Son

Actor and novelist Billy Dee Williams has a son with ex-wife Audrey Sellers. Despite their marriage’s downfall, they raised their son Corey Dee Williams, who became an equally famous Hollywood star. Corey is known for portraying his father’s character double as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars trilogy. He also appeared in the 1983 movie Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as Jabba’s Sail Barge.

Although he started an excellent career in Hollywood, fate directed Corey to land in another industry. He is the founder of 3-Dee Nucleus Project, a music group where he also serves as bassist, composer, and producer. The group also encourages other artist collaborators to form original music. Aside from this, Corey is into fitness and founded the Key2bFit, a fitness lifestyle company where he set aside an ample amount of investment money. That served as his avenue for his fitness regimen, while helping other people to stay fit and active.

Colin Hanks | Tom Hanks & Samantha Lewes’s Son

Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks’ son with his first wife, Samantha Lewes. Hanks has taken the steps of his parents and entered Hollywood, where he gained fame for his roles in Orange Country and the Jumanji Series. He also appeared in several television shows, specifically Dexter, The Good Guys, and Life in Pieces.

Now married to Samantha Bryant with two kids Olivia and Charlotte, the 43-year-old actor is also venturing into another industry. Hanks might have made a considerable amount in acting that he has saved a lot to put up a new business. He made wise investment planning strategies to increase his worth further and founded Hanks Kerchiefs, an enterprise that sells kerchiefs online. In 2020, Hanks introduced how you can turn kerchiefs into face masks following the announcement of the global health crisis. Hanks was also inspired to help after his father survived the ordeal.

Coco Arquette | Courteney Cox & David Arquette’s Daughter

Coco Arquette is the celebrity daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette. The 16-year-old child star was introduced to her parents’ line of work at an early age, landing several movie roles as a teenager. Coco has starred in the 2014 movie Just Before I Go and the 2020 film You Cannot Kill David Arquette. 

Coco bore a massive resemblance to her mother when she was young. In an Instagram post, the Friends actress was impressed by how Coco can dress up stunningly compared to her back when she was her age. Aside from having good taste in fashion, Coco is also into music. In another social media post, Courtney eagerly shared her and her daughter’s singing session. Cox is inclined to play the piano while Coco was able to belt our Demi Lovato’s Anyone. It seemed like Coco has a promising future in Hollywood, with the degree of talents she showcases. She will indeed have a place in the entertainment world, should she ever decide to venture into the industry.

Chudney Ross | Diana Ross & Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Daughter 

Phenomenal diva Diana Ross was once married to music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein for several years before deciding to call off their union. They have blessed three daughters. One of them is Chudney Ross, who eventually entered the entertainment industry. She is currently a producer and production manager and has an impressive credential of movies to boost, including Living Large, Fame, and Mesmerized.

Even she grew up in a well-off surrounding, with her mother gaining multimillions as one of the most influential artists of all time, Chudney still kept her feet on the ground. She worked hard to get where she is now, cashing in millions under her name without relying on her parents. She pays for her hard work on lavish occasions and spends her money in real estate. Ross was also able to buy an LA estate located in Venice seaside for a whopping amount of $3.3 million. By renovating the roofing and other amenities, Ross managed to live closely within her mother’s lavish property, also located in the same neighborhood.

Christian Gibson | Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore Gibson’s Son

Christian Gibson is the 38-year-old son of renowned actor and producer Mel Gibson with wife Robyn Moore Gibson. He has been active in the movie industry as a camera operator since 2016, landing projects for The Equalizer, Bird Box, and Hacksaw Ridge.

Unlike his dad, who appeared in front of the camera, the younger Gibson preferred to be behind it. It is still not confirmed if he also wanted to venture into acting or even have a degree of interest in taking on roles. Right now, Gibson is passionate about sharing his behind-the-scenes works on his Instagram page while traveling for work. His photos also depict the camera operator’s raw and up-close life, which he seemed to be enjoying to bits. He has also kept a low profile regarding his personal life, just like his twin brother Edward who is also not keen on sharing his private life.

Chet Hanks | Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson’s Son

We’ve talked about Tom Hanks’ older children. Now let’s focus our attention on Chet, his son, with his second wife, Rita Wilson. Like his father, the 30-year-old has also entered the Hollywood scene and appeared in series such as Shameless and Empire. He also took on a role for Showtime’s Your Honor. Aside from being an actor, he is also into music.

Chet has met some headline-worthy experiences involving problems with health and dependency. Despite this, Chet was able to change for the better thanks to the birth of his daughter Micaiah Hanks. In an interview, Chet’s change of life perspective can be given credit to his daughter as she was the one who made him realize the things he did before. He has also made sure to spend more time with his daughter and has vowed to live a life away from harmful substances. For his part, Tom Hanks has not neglected his children and has remained a supportive and guiding father and grandfather to his family.

Chelsea Tyler | Steven Tyler &Teresa Barrick’s Daughter

Chelsea Tyler is one of Steven Tyler’s daughters who has entered the world of Hollywood. Like her half-sisters, Mia and Liv Tyler, Chelsea has also carved her own name in the entertainment industry, specifically music. The 32-year-old is a known soul singer and the lead vocalist of Kaneholler, a soul band she manages with her husband, Jon Foster.

Before venturing into singing, Chelsea also tried her hands-on acting. She appeared in the Aerosmith: Fly Away From Here, a short drama released in 2001. She also appeared in a number of episodes for Lizzie McGuire. Nowadays, the singer and actress spend most of her time being a mom to her son, Vincent. Chelsea is guaranteed to have more time with her little one with quarantine and lockdowns getting imposed in their area. With Chelsea and Jon’s fortune, Vincent will never deal with credit card debts in the future.

Chaz Bono | Cher and Sonny Bono’s Son

Chaz Bono is one of the two sons of the former Hollywood power couple, Cher and Sonny Bono. Chaz is into music just like his parents. He has put up the band called Ceremony in the ‘80s. He also tried acting but revealed that he was not comfortable having female roles. If you didn’t know, Chaz was born female and transitioned into a man in the late 2000s. Chaz released a documentary about his transition entitled Becoming Chaz, where he made wise money management decisions in spending for treatments and surgeries. Although it was hard for Cher to accept Chaz’s transition, she, later on, decided to welcome it with open arms.

Today, Chaz is advocating for the LGBTQ++ community, speaking in various events as a special guest to take about his life before transitioning. He hopes to encourage people to champion gay rights and equality.

Carys Zeta Douglas | Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas’ Daughter

Growing up as a celebrity daughter, Carys Zeta-Jones knows the perks and perils of being in the limelight. As the daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas, people expected that Carys would also be under the media’s scrutiny. The 16-year-old has shown potential interest in fashion, with two appearances with her mother in fashion weeks, donning luxury brands like Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana. She has an innate love for fashion and has always looked up to her mother as her inspiration. Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones admitted that her daughter could have a promising future in the world of fashion. She can now earn multi-millions as a top model with her age, which can eventually lead to having investments at such an early stage of her life.

According to a report, Carys is not just like any other celebrity daughter who loves to put it all out in the spotlight. She has a self-restraint attitude, mysterious and genuinely enticing that one would long for her presence even more. Indeed, she is an epitome of a modern, classy woman.

Cameron Marley Buffett | Jimmy Buffett & Jane Slagsvol’s Son

Cameron Marley Buffet is the adopted son of singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett with his wife, Jane Slagsvol.

Not much information is available about Cameron. He is not into the entertainment industry and prefers to live a low-profile life instead. In his Instagram account, Cameron only posts about his outdoor travels with his furry pets. It seemed like he is also into traveling, going to mountains and beaches, skiing, and just lounging around with his friends, attending concerts, and premiere nights, without worrying about unpaid money loans in the bank. It is unknown if Cameron is already married or if he has a child, but by looking into his social media account, it seemed like Cameron is enjoying his life as a bachelor. Although the son of Buffet is not into music or acting, his looks will surely pass a Hollywood star.

Cameron Douglas | Michael Douglas & Diandra Luker’s Son

Cameron Douglas is the son of award-winning actor Michael Douglas and film director Diandra Luker. The 42-year-old is an actor who bagged major roles for early 2000s movies such as National Lampoon’s Adam & Eve, and It Runs in the Family. Aside from acting, Cameron wrote his own book Long Way Home in 2016, where he detailed his struggles with substance dependency and alcoholism. Cameron also opened up about being a Hollywood royalty. As a son of a renowned actor and the grandson of Kirk Douglas, he certainly felt the pressure of keeping up with the fame.

Although he was given all the wealth he needed, unlike other people who still struggle with unpaidstudent loans, Cameron admitted that it was not something he wanted for himself. His book also relayed how he tried to gain perspective and look back on his life and the changes he made today.

Caleb James Goddard | Jack Nicholson and Susan Anspach’s Son

Celebrities Jack Nicholson and Susan Anspach’s romance in the 1969 film Five Easy Pieces resulted in having a son named Caleb Goddard. Despite Nicholson’s initial denial of being Caleb’s father, the actor eventually came to his senses. He acknowledged the boy as his own, helping Anspach deal with cash loans as they both send him to college. Caleb was first legally adopted by Lost in Space star Mark Goddard.

Caleb also entered the movie industry, acting for ‘The Slap Maxwell Story and working behind the scenes as a location manager for the film Guilty as Charged. Currently, the 50-year-old Caleb is more inclined to produce and write for movies and TV series. He has halted his acting career and is more interested in making storylines and living a pretty normal life as a family man. He may not have taken the same lucrative career his father pursued, but we’re sure he’s more than happy with the path he has now.

Brooklyn Beckham | David and Victoria Beckham’s Son

The eldest son of A-list power couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham has marked a name of his own in the world of fashion. Brooklyn, 22, is a model and photographer who has worked with various luxury brands for years. The young Beckham is also known to have been in multiple high-profile relationships, including actress Chloe Grace Moretz and Nicola Peltz, his current fiance.

Brooklyn did not have to lean on his footballer father and fashion designer mother to make money. In fact, he has already amassed a whopping $10 million of net worth in his early 20s, proving that he is just starting to make a vast wealth of his own. Brooklyn’s hobbies and interests have been under the spotlight. Aside from having photography as his passion, Brooklyn also put on huge investment money for a luxury car, calling himself a car guy. He currently has a custom BMW i8, which he can maintain with his fortune.

Bria Murphy | Eddie Murphy’s Daughter

Just one look at Bria, and you’d instantly see Eddie Murphy’s genes running through her veins. Yes, Bria is actually the eldest of Eddie’s ten children, and he shared her with his former wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Just like her Emmy award-winning father, Bria also entered acting but often landed supporting roles. She was cast in the film Amateur Night as Jaxi, while she appeared in eight episodes of the series, Hollywood Exes.

According to The Famous People, Bria has had a growing interest in art, that she even co-founded ArtUs Gallery, where she usually flaunts her paintings. You can visit her Instagram account as it’s filled with jaw-dropping masterpieces and photos of her life away from the spotlight. Bria also dreamt of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel but got signed by LA Models. Her height might be a factor why she wasn’t cast as she stands 5-feet, but if she put more investment into her art, she could attain the popularity she wants.

Bianca Bree | Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Daughter

Bianca Bree was born on October 17, 1990, to a bodybuilder mother, Gladys Portugues, and famous Hollywood actor, producer, and martial artist, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Bianca inherited the sporty image from both her parents, and she specifically thrived in karate, boxing, kickboxing, and figure skating.

After graduating from high school, she flew to Vancouver, Canada, to study what her father loves — acting. Not long, she got cast in films like The Shepherd in 2008; then she starred alongside her father and brother Kristopher in Soldiers. In 2012, director Dominic Burns gave her the lead credit in Alien Uprising, where Bianca had to fly to the United Kingdom to showcase her acting prowess. Now in her 30s, Bianca is starting to settle down with her non-showbiz partner, although both have been tight-lipped about their plans for marriage.

Bella Zahra Murphy | Eddie Murphy’s Daughter

Next up, we have another one of Eddie Murphy’s beautiful daughters. Bella Zahra Murphy was born in January of 2002 to Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Despite her parents living entirely in the spotlight, Bella has kept her profile significantly low and is yet to enter show business.

Since she is still studying, she is also financially dependent on her elite father. Good thing Eddie has more than enough money to support his children with his $200 million net worth. As we all probably know, Eddie’s voice acting as Donkey in Shrek films was an undeniable factor in why the franchise garnered a cumulative gross amounting to almost $3 billion. If you’re wondering, all his film credits scored more than $7.2 billion worldwide, making Eddie one of the highest-grossing actors in history. We won’t blame you if you want to switch places with Bella Zahra by knowing all of these.

Bella Hadid | Yolanda Hadid’s Daughter

It’s no secret that Bella Hadid has established parents. Her father, Mohamed Hadid, is a known real estate developer, while her mother, Yolanda, is a former model and reality TV personality who rose to prominence in the hit show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s also not a secret that Bella has an older sister, probably much more famous than her, Gigi Hadid.

Both sisters became Victoria’s Secret Angels, but Bella also modeled for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show in 2020. The same year, she posted on Instagram her newly discovered hobby to lessen the boredom brought by the quarantine, and that is pole-fishing. Well, that is quite fun, especially if you have your own fishpond just like her. Aside from this, she also reportedly got into lavender candle making. Bella is only in her 20s, but her net worth is better than most with afinance degree — $25 million.

Ava Elizabeth Sambora | Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear’s Daughter

Her father, Richie, is the lead guitarist and songwriter in one of the most popular bands in history, Bon Jovi, while her mother, Heather, is a known American actress. Ava was born on October 4, 1997, and aside from her goddess physique and features, she has the brains! In high school, she garnered a 4.2 GPA, which caused her to get 11 scholarship offers. However, she decided to earn her degree in Psychology, minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, at Loyola Marymount University.

As a model, she started at age 12 at her father’s clothing line, White Trash Beautiful. As an actress, she has appeared in a handful of films, including Mommy Be Mine and This Is 40. In her interview with Teen Vogue, the young star mentioned that she likes to read magazines, and her go-to book is The Great Gatsby. Some might find this boring, but why not?

August Anna Brooks | Garth Brooks’ Daughter

The country-legend has a pretty daughter he shared with his former wife, Sandy Mahl. August was Brooks’ second daughter, born on May 3, 1994. Although she could easily enter show business with the help of her father, this young lady chose to be a lawyer instead. She started working at a law firm right after graduating from the University of Oklahoma.

In 2011, Anna dated Chance Michael Russell. Two years later, at the age of 19, she bore her first child named Karalynn Grace Russell. The two then tied the knot, and by 2016, they welcomed another angel, Gwendolyn Russell, making Garth more proud. We all probably know that Brooks has been married to country singer Trishia Yearwood. In an interview with Fox News, he mentioned that his current wife had been a perfect stepmother to his three daughters as she also influences them.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown | Eddie Murphy’s Daughter

In 2006, two big names, Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown, became a couple. Out of that union came Murphy’s daughter, Angel Iris Murphy. While he initially denied being Angel’s father, he has now been trying to get to know her. In fact, when Angel needed to remain in the UK, he took care of her. Props and credit to Eddie for that!

The father and daughter tandem share the same birthday, but that’s not the only thing that Angel shares with the famous singer and comedian. Just like her mom and dad, Angel’s into singing. Still, at the tender age of 14, singing might be a hobby for now, but there’s definitely a big chance we’re looking at a rising singing sensation! With parents like hers, we’re certain Angel won’t have a hard time adapting to the limelight if she does decide to go into Hollywood.

Allie Colleen Brooks | Garth Brooks’ Daughter

Garth Brooks has the credit of being the only artist in all music history to have released nine albums that received diamond status in the United States. He surpassed the legends, The Beatles, who formerly held the record with six albums. There is no doubt that Garth has etched his name in the music industry’s history.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Allie Colleen Brooks, has followed in his footsteps. It seems like talent and music are just in the genes of this family! Allie has also chosen to step into the music industry. Just recently, she got her first country hit with her song Ain’t the Only Hell (My Momma Raised). Now that the ball is rolling, I think a lot would agree that this is the start of Allie racking up achievements and recognitions to her name just like her father!

Alison Eastwood | Clint Eastwood & Maggie Johnson’s Daughter

On May 22, 1972, Alison Eastwood was born to two big names in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood and Maggie Johnson. Her father was, without a doubt, a known American actor. On the flip side, her mother was one of the loveliest models of her days, so it doesn’t come as a shock that Alison, too, made waves in the Hollywood industry.

Just like her parents, Alison chose to go to Hollywood. She started her career in 1980, and she is still active today. She is best known as an American actress and director. The star has appeared in films such as If You Only Knew, where she had the credit of playing the role of Samantha. She was also in Poolhall Junkies and They Are Among Us. As for directing, in 2017, she led the romantic drama film Battlecreek. Just like her parents, Alison is accomplishing a lot in her career.

Alexis Stewart | Martha Stewart’s Daughter

Do you know Martha Stewart? If not, then let me fill you in on that. She is an American writer and television personality. However, she might be best known as a businesswoman. Lately, she has managed to accumulate a net worth of 400 million dollars!

On September 27, 1965, she welcomed her daughter and only child, Alexis Stewart. While she would never really worry about any cash loans being the heiress of her mother’s wealth, Alexis has chosen to build her own career. Instead of going into the business world, she has chosen to share her talents differently. Currently, she is best known as an American television host and radio personality. The star has been in the radio talk show, Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer. Right now, it seems the star doesn’t have any project, but I’m sure her fans are looking forward to hearing from her again!

Alexis Rodman| Dennis Rodman’s Daughter

In 1987, while hosting at a club in Los Angeles, Annie Blake had a fateful encounter with Dennis Rodman. To some degree, you could say they immediately fell in love with each other as the two promptly moved in together the following year. Their first and only child, Alexis Rodman, was born in the same year. In 1991, the couple officially tied the knot but quickly separated after only a year of marriage. For some time, this became a real struggle for the young Alexis. However, it seems everything’s fine now as she even reportedly described her dad as a wonderful person.

Unlike her other siblings, Alexis has chosen to keep most of her life private. However, it seems that she is currently busy being a mom as she recently gave birth to a little boy named Vincent, making her the first among her siblings to give the former basketball player a grandchild!

Alexandra Hoffman | Holly Hoffman’s Daughter

Are you a big fan of Survivor? If so, then you probably know Holly Hoffman from Survivor: Nicaragua. Despite wanting to quit early on the show, she surprised viewers by making it and being the only female of the season’s final four. Holly is now known as an author, a motivational speaker, and the mother of three wonderful kids.

Her middle child, Alexandra Hoffman, was born on November 10, 1987, and has proven that you can have the best of both worlds! She is known as both a beauty queen and an athlete. She surely deserves the credit and applause for being able to rock both the stage and the field! She has competed in Miss South Dakota Teen USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America. In 2009, she placed in the Top 15 in the latter. Currently, she is working as a traffic reporter for KETV.

Alexa Ray Joel | Billy Joel’s Daughter

Are you a big fan of the Piano Man, Billy Joel? If you are, then you might be thrilled to know about his lovely daughter, Alexa Ray Joel. Just like her father, Alexa has also joined the music industry. Currently, the star is known as an American singer, songwriter, and pianist.

She started her career in 2006 and has self-released and independently distributed the six-song EP Sketches in the same year. The record got highly personalized by Alexa, earning her credit for being the cover designer and illustrator. Ever since the release of her EP, she has performed in dozens and dozens of shows already. She has also been in several fashion activities, often performing, but she has also posed for a couple of well-known magazines. Talent is truly in the genes of this family, isn’t it? We don’t know about you, but we’re thrilled to see what’s she’ll be up to next.

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