Jada Pinkett Smith

The better half of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, is best known for playing roles in The Nutty Professor, A Different World, and The Matrix Reloaded, among others. Pinkett Smith has proven to be quite a versatile individual, and aside from acting, she also is a known producer and screenwriter. She also launched her music career back in 2002. At that time, she helped create the heavy metal band Wicked Wisdom.

As business partners, the Smith couple also founded a production company where they poured a portion of their investment money. These two met in 1994, and while they also had issues like other couples, they have been the perfect pair so far. What keeps her busy now is her job as the host of Red Table Talk, a Facebook Watch program where she discusses a wide range of topics. The actress also founded a foundation that helps kids in inner cities along with their families.

Mary J. Blige

The American singing royalty has numerous prominent names under it, but when it comes to the best singers, only a few people come to mind. One of whom is Mary J. Blige, and she’s certainly one singer who easily steals all of the attention. There might be several singers who are talented in today’s music scene, but one can argue that there’s no one quite like Blige.

There’s no question that Blige made a significant impact on the music industry. She certainly deserves credit for revolutionizing music as we know it today. Interestingly, she recently turned 50 years old back in January of 2021. Though she’s in her 50s, one can argue that Blige looks a lot younger than she actually is. She even performs like she’s in her late 20s! This iconic American singer is one of the best ones we’ve ever seen!

Missy Elliot

There’s a couple of celebrities who only have one name or a name that doesn’t seem like the name which they were given at birth. One of whom is Missy Elliott, and she’s one of the most successful performers and recording artists in today’s music scene. As cool and as successful Elliott is, her real birth name is actually Melissa Arnette Elliot.

Elliott has been able to achieve success and popularity as a rapper, singer, and producer. Besides music, she’s also managed to appear in a good number of films. Some of her most notable acting credits came in films such as Shark Tale, Honey, and Just for Kicks. She recently turned 50 years old in July of 2021, and you could say that she still looks incredibly youthful. She’s also working on several upcoming projects, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store in the next few years.

Winona Ryder

Only a select number of people come to mind when it comes to Hollywood’s acting royalty. One can argue that Winona Ryder is one of the actresses that’s on top of that list. She started acting ever since she was in her childhood, and she has been in the spotlight ever since. With this in mind, it’s not a surprise that this tenured actress was able to achieve success and greatness in the entertainment industry.

Ryder continues to appear in television and film today, even at the age of 50. One of her most recent acting credits comes in the hit Netflix show called Stranger Things. It certainly makes sense that Ryder took this acting gig since she’s starred in identical projects such as Heathers, Girl, and Beetlejuice. We hope that she continues to carve success in the entertainment industry!

Sean Austin

It’s quite a rare feat for childhood stars to still be in the acting industry today. More often than not, child actors avoid the spotlight as they grow up due to the immense amount of pressure they feel. However, it’s certainly not the case for Sean Austin as he still continues to appear in films and television shows today. If you don’t recognize him, he is best known for starring in the iconic 1985 film The Goonies.

Austin has certainly been able to achieve success in Hollywood as an actor. Some of his most notable acting performances came in iconic films such as 50 First Dates, Stranger Things, and many more. He’s also known for his credit role as Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Interestingly, Austin is already in his 50s, and he’s undoubtedly one of the most recognizable actors today.

Regina King

Numerous Hollywood actors have been on the big screen and television for several decades, and we’ve gotten used to seeing them around. One of these Hollywood icons we’re talking about is Regina King, and she has countless acting credits in her resume. She’s often known for her exceptional performances as a supporting actress. Despite playing a supporting role, one could argue that it’s her performance that truly captivates the audience.

King recently turned 50 years old back in January of this year, and you could say that time flies by real fast! Though she’s already 50, she certainly looks like she’s way younger than what her current age is. Today, King continues to appear in film and television, and it’s worth asking if she’ll add more iconic performances to her resume. She’s already got a couple under her belt, such as Daddy Day Care and A Cinderella Story!

Snoop Dogg

You could make a case that Snoop Dogg’s name is synonymous with the hip-hop and rap industry. It’s certainly difficult to talk about hip-hop and not mention his name or works. Without question, he’s one of the most successful rappers of all time, and he’s got a pretty massive fanbase. He has millions of fans all over the world, which isn’t a surprise, considering he’s released some of the most iconic albums hip-hop has ever seen.

It certainly looks like Snoop is one of those Hollywood celebrities who never ages. Believe it or not, Snoop recently turned 50 just a few months back in October of 2021. At his age, we’re pretty confident that Snoop won’t be needing any money loan to pay for any lifestyle he wants to live. After all, he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars as a recording artist!

Denise Richards

Who would believe that Denise Richards is already 50 years old? Perhaps we can give credit to her excellent make-up skills and skincare routine. She’s been able to maintain the youthful glow that we remember her for in her earlier movies. She has appeared in various roles for movies such as Love Actually, Valentine, and Wild Things. Richards has been active in the entertainment industry since 1990, and we can say that she has been successful.

Apart from acting, she’s also into modeling. Richards has graced the cover of magazines like Esquire, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Empire, among others. She is also business-minded, and so she ventured into the fragrance business back in 2012. As someone who is an expert in modeling, fashion, and cosmetics, it made sense for Oro Gold Cosmetics to make Richards their brand ambassador. Later on, she would develop her own line of skincare, CBme Beauty.

Erykah Badu

We can say that having talent runs in Erykah Badu’s family. When she was younger, she performed alongside her mother. Her sister, Nayrok, was one of their backup singers at the time. She then grew up to become a singer who is popular for the neo-soul sub-genre. In fact, she is dubbed the “Queen of Neo-Soul”. The 1990s and early 2000s were her best decades, and she was able to work with artists like Maxwell and D’Angelo.

Badu had also shown flexibility in creating music when she made contributions to the live-streamed recording of Bilal’s EP, VOYAGE-19, which had to be created online due to the world situation. Apart from singing — and like several well-known artists — she also ventured into acting. There were mixed reviews, but she continued on and made investments towards this skill set. Badu appeared in The Cider House Rules and Blues Brothers 2000.

Idina Menzel

When Idina Menzel was only 15 years old, her parents, with the help of their lawyers, had to finalize their separation. This was a difficult phase for the would-be singer, but she was able to persevere by working as a singer at weddings and events. Later on, she went to college, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts course, majoring in Drama. Now she is regarded as one of the most successful Broadway performers.

Menzel transitioned to film and TV from stage acting in the 2000s, seeing that she could expand her fan base by doing so. She got a non-singing role in the movie Enchanted and also appeared as Shelby Corcoran in Glee. In case you are wondering, she is the voice behind Elsa in the Frozen movie franchise. The song “Let It Go”, which she recorded for the movie, is quite popular, especially among children today.

Jenna Elfman

When Jenna Elfman was just starting, she was keen on becoming a dancer. She even got credit in a number of music videos such as “Somebody’s Crying” and “Halo”. After that, she took on TV commercial projects and was later cast in the short-lived sitcom, Townies. Elfman is a well-accomplished actress, having received three nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

She is not all about work, though, and has found love in Hollywood as well. In 1991, Elfman met fellow actor Bodhi Pine Elfman during an audition for a Sprite commercial. The two hit it off and eventually got married. Apart from acting, Elfman is also active in charity events and fundraising activities. She even modeled for a fashion show just to raise some funds for the Read Across America Program.

Kid Rock

Now 51 years old, Kid Rock has proven himself to be a great rapper and singer. He was born Robert James Ritchie, but growing up, he got interested in rap music and started performing in talent shows while working as a DJ. He was then nicknamed Kid Rock, and the name stuck. Kid Rock went on to release his debut album, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, in 1990.

The singer’s music style usually alternates between hip hop, heavy metal, country, and rock. He was a self-taught musician, and this could be the reason for his rather diverse style. His musical output, however, tends to be country and rock. Kid Rock has had his share of legal issues, so he has had to visit a lawyer’s office a number of times. Thankfully, he was able to overcome these challenges and continue his success.

Anthony Rapp

There’s no denying that many of our passions first came to be during our childhood years. Well, such was the case with Anthony Rapp. Before even wondering about things like university and college degrees, Rapp already had his first experience as an actor, performing in a theater production. A few years later, that passion brought him even greater fame when he starred in the Broadway production Rent. Since then, the actor has appeared in projects such as Star Trek: Discovery, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and If/Then.

Through the years, Rapp has worked in the theater, movie, and TV scene and doesn’t seem to be stopping just yet. Besides his career as a musician/actor, gracing screens and stages, the If/Then star also has quite a great life outside of the spotlight. When he isn’t busy working on a project, there’s no doubt that Rapp opts to spend his free time with his partner, Ken Ithiphol.

Cara Buono

While a career in the entertainment industry can start at any point in one’s life, it’s no surprise that many of our favorite stars began their journeys at quite a young age – perhaps without them even knowing it. Well, for Cara Buono, she got her debut acting gig when she was twelve years old, performing in the stage production for Spookhouse, made by the award-winning playwright Harvey Fierstein. Quite the introduction to the acting scene, for sure.

A few years later, Buono fully committed to an acting career. Along with performing on stage, she landed her first big-screen credit in 1992’s Waterland. Followed by stints in indie projects, Buono has since become best known for starring in the drama series Mad Men. Other titles worth noting include The Sopranos, Let Me In, and, more recently, Stranger Things and Supergirl. Suffice to say, this actress still has plenty of tricks hidden beneath her sleeves.

Daniel Sunjata

Throughout his school years, Daniel Sunjata displayed a knack for sports, especially football. With that said, while a career in football may have been a suitable choice for him, he eventually shifted his sights to acting. Finishing his studies with a Master of Fine Arts, it’s safe to say he was fully committed to this new route he picked.

Suffice to say, those earlier years studying and polishing his craft have since become the first few investments Sunjata made for his career under the spotlight. Beginning his professional career around 1998, Sunjata’s earlier roles were for shows such as Twelfth Night, Or What You Will; All My Children, and DC. Nowadays, though, it’s safe to say most fans know him best for his performance in the comedy-drama series Rescue Me. Since then, with his career far from over, Sunjata has starred in other projects such as The Stand, Grey’s Anatomy, Small Town Crime, Notorious, and Power Book II: Ghost.

Alfonso Ribeiro

More often than not, it takes a while before a celebrity can have their big break into stardom. However, that isn’t always the case. One such example is Alfonso Ribeiro. Beginning his career at eight years old, Ribeiro got his first shot to fame not long after, thanks to his lead acting credit in the stage musical The Tap Dance Kid. With his dancing skills shining under the spotlight, it’s no wonder he eventually had the chance to showcase more of it in commercials.

While these earlier stints undoubtedly placed him on the public radar, Ribeiro’s fame soared to even greater heights a few years later when he landed the part of Carlton Banks in the now-iconic TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Besides his acting throughout the series, Ribeiro has also introduced to the world a dance routine that has since become known as “The Carlton Dance.” Other projects he has worked on since then include In the House, All of Us, and, most recently, Muppets Haunted Mansion.

Brooke Burke

Besides movies and TV series, many of the stars we know found their fame hosting shows. Brooke Burke spent her college years studying broadcast journalism. With that said, she got her first hosting gig in 1999 – it was for the travel series Wild On! Since then, other shows she hosted include Hidden Heroes, Rock Star: INXS, I Dare You, and She’s Got the Look.

Along the way, Burke also dabbled in other endeavors. Apart from a recurring role in the show Melissa & Joey, the host also tried her hand at dancing and joined the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars. After ultimately winning the competition, Burke spent portions of her investment money making fitness and health-related projects, including a series of fitness workout DVDs, an online community for mothers, and two books. Just recently, Burke also became a co-host for a podcast called Intimate Knowledge.

Christine Taylor

While her parents found work as a homemaker and owner of a security company, Christine Taylor opted for a career under the spotlight. Beginning her career around 1989, Taylor’s first on-screen gig was for the Nickelodeon kids’ series Hey Dude. Along with portraying the character until 1991, Taylor also guest-starred in other shows. Even so, there’s no denying the actress got her big break in 1995 when she landed the role of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie.

Other projects she worked on not long after include The Wedding Singer, Friends, and The Craft. Besides these, another notable moment in Taylor’s life was in 2000 when she married actor Ben Stiller. Since then the actress has landed more than a few on-screen credits, appearing in Stiller’s movies, including Zoolander, Tropic Thunder, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. She is also set to have a recurring role in the upcoming series, High Desert.

Craig Robinson

Before making his way into the spotlight, Craig Robinson found his footing performing stand-up comedy gigs and open-mic sessions. With his sense of humor and improvisational skills, these stints on stage eventually led him to appear in shows, including spots on late-night programs such as Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not long after, he was able to land small roles in shows such as Friends and Arrested Development.

Today, even to viewers who don’t know him very well, Robinson is frequently made to play the show/movie’s comic relief – and he’s pretty good at it. After having had many roles, his popularity rose to an even higher degree when he took on the part of Darryl Philbin in The Office. His other show-stealing roles are for shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This Is the End, and Hot Tub Time Machine. Besides comedy, however, Robinson can also do drama, as evidenced by his highly-acclaimed performance in the 2016 film Morris from America.

Angela Kinsey

During her years in university, Angela Kinsey was already more than eager to pursue an acting career. While studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree, Kinsey took time to polish her skills in performing and acting. Suffice to say, all that hard work has since been paid off. After graduating, she began her career under the spotlight working as an intern on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Along with working a couple of other jobs and landing small roles for sitcoms, Kinsey scored a two-episode stint in the animated series King of the Hill. With that said, her career big break came a few years later after she auditioned for a role in The Office. Initially wanting the role of Pam Beesly, Kinsey ultimately got the part of Angela Martin. Since then, with her performance as Martin garnering widespread recognition, Kinsey has been able to work on other projects, including Haters Back Off, Your Family or Mine, New Girl, and License to Wed.

Christina Applegate

Because her mother is an experienced actress, it comes as no surprise that Christina Applegate eventually followed suit. In fact, when she was just a year old, Applegate landed a part alongside her mother in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Plus, at just three months old, she even appeared in a commercial for Playtex baby bottles. Without knowing, her foot was on the metaphorical gas pedal, headed toward an acting career before she even learned how to walk.

At nine years old, Applegate landed her film debut, performing in King Cobra. It was during her teen years, though, that she landed her big break, which was the role of Kelly Bundy in Married… with Children. Since then, the now-more experienced actress has been able to maintain a successful career under the spotlight, starring in projects like Dead to Me, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Big Hit, and Up All Night.

Bridget Moynahan

Throughout childhood, Bridget Moynahan was quite an athletic kid: she was the captain of her school’s girls’ basketball, soccer, and lacrosse teams. After finishing high school, she started a career in the modeling scene. Throughout that period, she had the chance to work for brands such as Vogue Paris, Glamour, and Elle. Suffice to say, this was a good career for her. Even so, that didn’t stop Moynahan from shifting her sights to a different line of work.

After her modeling stints, Moynahan pursued an acting career. Beginning with on-screen gigs for commercials, she got her TV debut in 1999, landing the recurring role of Natasha in Sex and the City. Since then, she has landed more and more significant roles in projects such as The Sum of All Fears, Serendipity, I, Robot, and Crown Vic. Plus, she is also starring in the ongoing drama series, Blue Bloods, where she plays the assistant district attorney Erin Reagan.

David Tennant

At a young age, David Tennant was already set on becoming an actor – he was just three years old at this point. Now, what is the reason behind this goal, you ask? Well, as it turns out, that credit goes to the sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. With that said, Tennant began his journey into the acting scene not long after, when he was still in secondary school.

Like a severe case of things going full circle, Tennant has since become universally known for portraying the tenth iteration of the titular Doctor in the Doctor Who series. Besides his tenure in the world-famous sci-fi program, the actor was also able to showcase his acting chops in other projects. Some notable titles include Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Jessica Jones, and Hamlet. Plus, besides his performance in movies, shows, and stage plays, Tennant also displayed a knack for voice-acting, lending his voice to shows such as DuckTales and the upcoming series, The Legend of Vox Machina.

Amy Poehler

A love for something can be discovered at any point in one’s life. For Amy Poehler, this moment came when she landed the role of Dorothy for her school’s stage production of The Wizard of Oz. Suffice to say, the experience has played a significant part in helping her pursue a career as an actress. Along the way, during her college years, while studying for her bachelor’s degree in media and communications, Poehler joined an improv comedy troupe.

These earlier stints in acting and comedy ultimately became the starting point of her eventual career, and Poehler slowly made her way into the entertainment industry. All that hard work finally paid off when she got her first shot to fame, appearing as a cast member for Saturday Night Live. Of course, that popularity rose to even greater heights when she landed the role of Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. Other projects she has worked on since then include Shrek the Third, Inside Out, Moxie, and Blades of Glory.

David Arquette

Like music, movies and shows are often categorized by genres, and each one has its own loyal fan base. From sci-fi to sitcoms, there’s no denying that the horror genre is just as strong. Now with that out of the way, it’s safe to say many fans of the genre recognize the actor David Arquette.

Beginning his career around 1990, Arquette appeared in films such as Airheads, Never Been Kissed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Besides his stint in the wrestling scene, the actor garnered widespread recognition when he landed the role of Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise, a character he reprised for the fifth installment after about a decade since the previous film. Along the way, Arquette has also landed an acting credit in projects such as Just Before I Go, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and Tron: Uprising. Besides working on films and shows, however, the actor/director also has a fondness for painting. In fact, he’s even a Bob Ross instructor.

Elon Musk

People’s magazine Person of the Year, Elon Musk, has just turned 50, and it really does not show much on his face. He still looks youthful despite all the stress he has to deal with running his various ventures. As Tesla’s main man and the wealthiest person on Earth, Musk is responsible for a lot of things. One of those is to ensure that cars run on electricity from batteries and not from traditional fuel sources.

Apart from that, Musk was also the man behind PayPal before it even became that. The super billionaire is quite known for his controversial stand on many issues and his rather viral Tweets now and then. At one point, he also received criticism for spreading incorrect information regarding the pandemic. Experts have also chastised him for his view on artificial intelligence, among others, but that has not stopped him from innovating.

Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet got two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for playing a very amicable character in the series. He became famous for his role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is contrary to what he initially wanted as a child, to be a clown. He even created a clown character named Fizbo to show the degree of dedication he had for this passion.

He then went into acting and debuted on Almost Famous as the desk clerk Sheldon. After that, he quickly rose to fame. In 2013, he also appeared in a series of ads for Big W, an Australian retail company. Stonestreet was also part of the panel of judges for America’s Got Talent, in place of fellow celebrity Heidi Klum. That year, the actor was also tapped to appear in a music video for “Struck with U”.

Ewan McGregor

Those feeling adventurous might take a hint from Ewan McGregor, who is an avid motorcycle rider. His passion made him embark on a world tour on his motorcycle in 2004, which he also documented. He can even start an online class about all the trips he made, and we would definitely find them educational. The whole series was made into a documentary called Long Way Home.

McGregor has been a part of many films, including Doctor Sleep, Salmon Fishing in Yemen, and Moulin Rouge! The actor has become a household name in Britain and an important part of the British cinematic world. In 2004, when BBC created a poll, he ranked fourth on the list of influential people in British culture. On top of all these, he is also active, making contributions to charitable institutions. In recognition of his work, he was granted an Order of the British Empire in 2013.

Jared Leto

Morbius star Jared Leto is an Academy Award-winning actor. He received his breakthrough in the series My So-Called Life. He was not even originally a regular in that program, but when the producers and directors saw him act, they made him a part of the show right away. He would later appear on How to Make an American Quilt and Prefontaine, where he received critical praise and credit for his work.

Leto later ventured into music and formed the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. They released their first album, 30 Seconds to Mars, in 2002, which also received praise but very limited commercial success. That did not stop them, and as of 2014, the band has sold over 15 million albums worldwide. Leto is considered to be a method actor who exerts a lot of effort for his roles and he remains in character throughout the shoot.

Jeremy Renner

MCU’s Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, has been nominated for a number of awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie The Hurt Locker. The actor has appeared in a number of movies, but it is his role in The Avengers that really made him famous. When he was just starting, Renner was part of the comedy National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. The film itself was widely criticized, but Renner made it big later on. He started with supporting roles in minor films, but his investments paid off, and he got the MCU role.

Another fact you might not be aware of regarding this actor is that he became a big brother again at age 41 when his youngest sibling was born. He is also a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, and as an avid football fan, it was a happy moment for him when he narrated the NFL Network docu-series “A Tale of Two Cities”.

Johnny Knoxville

As a stunt performer, Johnny Knoxville has been involved in a number of TV shows and movies. Most of these projects involve a great number of stunts that might scare most people, but not Knoxville. He even co-created and starred in his own MTV reality show, Jackass. When the series ended, he went on to become part of the first installment of the Jackass movie series.

Apart from these movies, the 50-year old actor also appeared in The Last Stand, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Men in Black II. A very physical man, Knoxville also got himself involved in WWE. His first opponent in the ring was The Great Khali back in 2008. As with The Great Khali, Johnny Knoxville is not his real name. He was born Philip John Clapp, but he thought that this name did not evoke the degree of fear and rIsk he usually takes on when doing his stunts, so he changed it.

Jon Hamm

Having $150 to your name isn’t enough to get the moving company to help you transfer your belongings. But that fact did not stop Jon Hamm from pursuing his dream and moving to Los Angeles. During that time, he was focused on becoming an actor. His hard work paid off eventually, and his performance on the series Mad Men earned him critical praise.

Hamm is a fan of tennis and golf, as well as hockey. His favorite team is the St. Louis Blues. He even appeared in a TV advertisement for the team. Due to his popularity, Mercedes-Benz also tapped him to be the voice behind their commercials. Apparently, people loved his voice so much. Because of this, American Airlines commissioned him for several other projects. He was also named one of the sexiest men alive in 2008.

Justin Theroux

You read that wrong, it is Justin Theroux and not Justin Trudeau. The latter is the Prime Minister of Canada, but the former is an American actor who is quite known for his work with Director David Lynch for the movie Mulholland Drive. Later on, Theroux would make his directorial debut with the film Dedication in 2007. The multi-talented celebrity also starred in the HBO series Leftovers. His performance here gained the attention of the audience, so he was nominated for the Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Despite the ongoing world situation, the actor still has upcoming projects, such as a planned appearance in The Mosquito Coast. He is also credited as the executive producer of the series. Just in case you are wondering, Theroux has Canadian blood in him from his father’s side. He also has relatives on the other side of the ocean, Marcel and Louis Theroux.

Keegan-Michael Key

You probably have seen Keegan-Michael Key in a number of memes online, and this is primarily because of his work in comedy. He has starred alongside Jordan Peele in the sketch series Key & Peele, which ran from 2012 to 2015. He also spent six seasons as part of Mad TV and appeared alongside Peele in Fargo back in 2014. This duo has the right degree of chemistry on-screen to bring out laughter in everyone.

Key has both a bachelor’s and a master’s diploma in Fine Arts. This is probably one reason why he is very creative. He became a member of the Second City Detroit’s cast and later founded the Detroit Creativity Project, where they taught students improv so that they could make improvements in their communication skills. He also hosted an online fundraiser event sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America.

Lance Armstrong

You could say that it’s quite difficult to have a well-known and well-respected role model end up disappointing his fans and followers. Lance Armstrong is one famous athlete who enjoyed many successful years as a professional road racing cyclist. However, Armstrong was stripped of all of his seven Tour de France titles after he admitted to using performance-enhancing substances. All of his titles were won from 1999 to 2005, and you could say that it all went down the drain fast.
It’s no secret that millions of people looked up to Lance Armstrong. After all, people found his story inspiring after he was able to overcome testicular cancer. Today, Lance recently turned 50 in September of 2021. It’s been years since he was stripped of his titles, and we’re hoping that he’s secured investments outside of sports that can help him sustain the lifestyle he wants.

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is one well-known American actor who seems to always pop up in various American films and television shows. As an actor, Wilson holds numerous acting credits to his resume. He’s certainly versatile enough as an actor to take on and fulfill any role in any film, no matter what genre it may be. You could say that Wilson is one of the most dependable go-to guys in Hollywood today.
It’s no secret that Luke has been able to put together a successful career in acting. As an actor, Wilson holds an impressive acting resume that comprises countless film and television roles. Interestingly, this versatile Hollywood talent recently turned 50 back in September 2021. Though he’s already in his 50s, you could say that Wilson doesn’t have retirement in mind. He continues to appear in some of our favorite television shows and films today!

Mark Consuelos

There are a good number of Hollywood actors who reach a certain point in their career and stop working on their craft for whatever reason. All of a sudden, they walk away from acting, and you never see them on the big screen or television screen ever again. Well, this tragic fact certainly isn’t the case with Mark Consuelos. As an actor, Mark has been able to achieve success, and he continues to accumulate acting credits as an actor.
You could say that Mark Consuelos’ career as an actor is more alive and well today. Interestingly, Consuelos recently turned 50 in March of 2021. It’s also worth noting that Mark celebrated his 25-year marriage with his wife, Kelly Ripa, last year. It certainly looks like Mark is having a blast on and off-screen. We certainly hope he continues to enjoy his blissful professional and personal life.

Mark Wahlberg

When it comes to renowned Hollywood actors, it can be quite difficult to believe that they’re already older than what we think they are. One of these actors is Mark Wahlberg, and we’ve seen him on our screens for several years. However, we could have never fathomed that he is already in his 50s! Though he’s already 50, one can argue that Wahlberg has one of the best physiques in the industry today.

As an actor, Wahlberg has been able to star and appear in countless films and television shows. Besides acting, he has also managed to accumulate several wise investments outside of show business. Without a doubt, he’s incredibly smart with his money, and it’ll certainly allow him to grow his net worth with relative ease. Acting-wise, he continues to appear in film and television, and we can’t wait to see his performance in his upcoming projects!

Sacha Baron Cohen

You could say that Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen is nothing short of a comedic genius. It’s certainly difficult to ignore his iconic comedic performances in the past couple of decades. Some of his most iconic comedic performances include films such as the Borat series, The Dictator, Bruno, and many more. Without a doubt, he’s been able to solidify his name as one of the greatest comedians of our time.

Cohen’s comedic prowess also allowed him to win several awards as an actor. He recently won two Golden Globe Awards in 2020 for Borat Subsequent Moveifilm. To this day, she continues to push the boundaries of comedy in Hollywood. He’s turning 51 in October of 2022, and he continues to receive credit as a Hollywood icon. As fans, we’re deeply excited to see what Cohen has in store for us in the next few years to come!

Sandra Oh

It’s perfectly normal for celebrities to take on a surplus of roles throughout their acting careers. Despite the sheer number of roles, there are always going to be ones that fans will associate them with more than others. It’s certainly the case with Sandra Oh, and you could say that it feels more fitting to call her “Dr. Christina Yang.”

Christina Yang is her credit role in the iconic medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, which ran from 2005 until 2014. Despite being widely known as Christina Yang, Oh’s acting resume goes far beyond just Grey’s Anatomy. She is also an accomplished film actress. Interestingly, she recently turned 50 back in July of 2021, and there’s certainly no doubt that she looks better than ever. You could easily argue that she’s well on her way to landing another prominent acting role in television pretty soon.

Shannen Doherty

If you grew up during the ‘90s, then there’s a good chance that you were able to follow the iconic series Beverly Hills, 90210. There are certainly several famous faces that come to mind when it comes to that show. However, out of all those famous faces, it’s probably Shannen Doherty that’s the most recognizable one. One could even argue that she was the most lovable one in the show!

Today, Doherty is already 50 years of age, and she continues to appear in film and television. Interestingly, Doherty has been battling several health issues for quite some time now. Needless to say, this Beverly Hills, 90210 alum isn’t letting her health condition stop her from doing what she loves: acting. In fact, she’s got more projects lined up for her in the next couple of years! She certainly deserves credit for being an inspiration to her fans!

Sofia Coppola

Sophia Coppola is a well-known director, producer, and screenwriter. As a filmmaker, she has received recognition for her work, including multiple Oscars. Besides filmmaking, she also occasionally appears in various films and television shows. You could say that she’s got all the skills she needs to be successful in the entertainment industry!

It’s no secret that Coppola has been continuing to influence the entire film industry for several decades. Interestingly, she turned 50 back in May of 2021. At that age, she’s already achieved a surmountable amount of greatness and success in the entertainment industry. Just a few years ago, Coppola received credit as the second woman to win Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. She continues to work on her craft today, even in her 50s. It’s certainly exciting to see her to continue to flourish as one of Hollywood’s best directors.

Taye Diggs

There are a good number of actors who’s been around for quite some time. Most of these tenured actors have been able to dabble in all kinds of acting roles, gigs, and projects, including Taye Diggs. Though it’s pretty common for Hollywood actors to have a ton of talent, he is one talented actor who seems to be incredibly versatile when it comes to portraying any role.

Diggs is already 51 years of age, and it certainly doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. He’s best known for his performances in Set it Up, Rent, and Moulin Rouge. You could argue that the actor used his performances in these iconic films as his investment to become an even better actor. Without a doubt, Diggs is one of those tenured Hollywood actors that possess exceptional talent and range. He’s certainly a master of his craft!